Took the dog for a walk. In the Andes. Casual. The dog, Kona, adopted us, and entertained us by chasing lizards, stealing socks and barking manically if we paused for a kiss... After passing through enchanted forests of yellow lillies and candyfloss bamboos, we reach Refugio Frey, with this view. A perfect mountain lake surrounded by the jutting peaks of Cerro Catedral, so named due to the resemblance to gothic spires. As we watched the reflections flicker on the water, half way up a scree slope someone started playing the clarinet. The soft tones were perfect in the rocky amphitheatre, adding another layer of magic to this ideallic place. It was hard to drag ourselves away, but the falling light on the long scramble home drew us away, having filled our bottles from the clear pool of meltwater and actual mountain dew. Next time, we'll take sleeping bags and stay the night...

Cerro Catedral
wild lilies
Kona Refugio Frey