Virginia Water War Memorial Garden

Winning design for a new war memorial and garden for Virginia Water. Existing WW2 stones were to be given a new home, with new commemorative stones for WW1. It sits next to the station, so can become a key part of the local infrastructure of place. 

The design creates a space for people to reflect on those who gave their lives for their country, and the great loss, while also celebrating the continuing life beyond. The timber screen delineates the memorial space, with sensory planting showing the variety of sights and smells, with colours and forms forever changing throughout the seasons. Plants have been chosen with connections to memory and peace, with reds and whites prevailing - for the blood shed in the name of peace. In November the sepulchral form of the old oak tree will stand over the remembrance ceremonies, adding solemnity. Mounds reflect the landforms of war, while adding interest to the space with informal places to sit. 

Jan - Sep 2018